Reading is brain feeding. These are the books I have read recently.

o 2020

- Understanding How We Learn - A Visual Guide, by Yana Weinstein and Megan Sumeracki

- Visual Explanations, by Edward Tufte

- L’importanza di essere Onesto, by Oscar Wilde

- Il Dr. Jekyll e Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson

- Novecento, by Alessandro Baricco

- Ti con Zero, by Italo Calvino

- Zadig , by Voltaire

o 2019

- Envisioning Information, by Edward Tufte

- Visual Display of Quantitative Information, by Edward Tufte

- Experimental Design: From User Studies to Psychophysics, by Douglas W. Cunningham and Christian Wallraven

- Information Visualization: Perception for Design, by Ware Colin

- Data-Driven Storytelling, by Nathalie Henry Riche, Christophe Hurter, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Sheelagh Carpendale

- Homo Deus, by Yuval Noah Harari

- Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari

- Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman

- The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity, by Carlo M. Cipolla

- L’Origine della Specie, by Charles Darwin

- Il Principe, by Niccolò Machiavelli

- Lolita, by Vladimir Vladimirovič Nabokov